One of our CURE patients tell their story on how they have successfully quit!:

Tremendous care given from day 1 within the hospital environment when I was admitted. I was offered nicotine replacement therapy upon being admitted to the hospital which was undertaken to allow to help me with the quit attempt. The CURE team came and give me some very brief advice on the offer of NRT and what would best suit me and gave me contact information if I needed to get in contact further with the team.  This advice allowed them to understand my smoking habits and levels of addiction. Following the advice I was then given 1 Nicotine patch as an inpatient and since that moment I have had no urge to smoke and or have a cigarette from that moment.

The patient was then discharged and seen by local Healthcare professionals that were astounded at the fact the patient had no cravings and had quit follow just a brief episode as an inpatient. The patient went from smoking 20-30 cigarettes a day to quitter following the brief intervention from the CURE team which gave him the drive to quit.

The patient stated the hospitals care was amazing and couldn’t thank them enough for the care provided and the advice given to allow the patient to stop smoking, the patient stated that other smokers should ‘take the advice and do it, can be done with a bit of will power and the right specialist advice.