The CURE Project is visually recognised by the striking colours used in the logo. These originated from the idea of a traffic light system which mirrors the journey people embark on to become smoke-free.

Since then the logo has inspired many materials that has helped build The CURE Project’s identity.

In order to keep our profile consistent we must apply the brand consistently at every point of communication both internally and externally.

These guidelines have been developed to help ensure the consistent application of our identity.

When producing any materials to represent The CURE Project please ensure these guides are followed. If in doubt please contact us for some extra guidance.

All CURE Project material is Copyright Protected and therefore anything produced for The CURE Project should include the following statement:

©Copyright 2020. The CURE Project, Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership, Greater Manchester Cancer & Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. All rights reserved

CURE Brand Guidelines
Our Logo
How to use

If you need additional help or would like confirmation on the most suitable way to use our branding then please send your message below and we will be in touch to help with your request.

If you are a communications department and would like original assets then please submit your request below with the file type/size you need.