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CURE is a hospital-wide initiative. The expected outcomes rest upon every member of staff across the whole hospital site taking ownership for the implementation of CURE and the change to a fully smoke-free site.

It is therefore crucial that training, support, engagement and encouragement happens regularly with all staff, especially during the initial implementation stage of CURE. This is key to ensuring that all patients have VBA upon admittance and are offered NRT. This is key to ensuring that all patients have brief advice and are offered medication immediately on admission.

It is therefore strongly encouraged that the online training below is made mandatory for staff in any hospital site looking to implement CURE.

The first interactive module is for all staff, providing training on how to support smokers and offer VBA, as well as maintaining a smoke free site.

The second interactive module will train staff who are able to prescribe NRT, improving your knowledge of treating tobacco addiction using the CURE protocol. It includes all aspects of how the programme works and training on the most effective NRT depending on the level of smoking addiction.

Training Manual

Training manual for specialist CURE team staff

Training Poster

The CURE Project Training Poster


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