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Freya Howle
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Please see below information on Champix including access to training materials and patient support:

1. For UK Healthcare professionals there is the promotional website for CHAMPIX on our PfizerPro site https://www.pfizerpro.co.uk/product/champix/smoking-cessation and includes educational information and patient support materials for download including:
a. Mode of Action (MOA) card
b. Twelve-week guide to Smoking Cessation
c. PGD awareness tear off pad
d. Dosage card

You can also request support via AskPfizer https://www.pfizerpro.co.uk/support/book-appointment?advert=advert on the PfizerPro homepage

2. In addition you can order specific printed materials for direct delivery on the Medisa platform http://www.medisa.com (if not registered you will be required to do so)

3. For your patients you can also find support at:
http://www.Champix.co.uk For those patients that have been prescribed CHAMPIX
http://www.quitwithhelp.co.uk For general public there is support and information on Smoking Cessation

4. For future questions about Pfizer medicines or if you need further support – there are other ways, you can still contact us for guidance;
• Pfizer Medical Information (https://www.pfizermedicalinformation.co.uk/engb/medical-enquiry ) (01304 616161)
• Customer Contact Centre (0845 6088 866)